Client Testimonials

"Elena helped me through the most difficult time of my life. In fact I would say that working with her changed my life. I valued her input so much that I sought her out again a couple of years later when I needed more guidance for personal growth. I wouldn't have wanted to work with anyone else. Elena was very flexible in accommodating my schedule, being a single parent working full time she was very understanding of this. I strongly felt I could trust Elena and always felt safe to communicate my thoughts without feeling judged by her. I would recommend Elena to anyone seeking counselling."
"Elena is a fantastic counselor who is always exceptionally kind, understanding and professional. Working with Elena over a period of weeks helped me build my self-confidence, move away from bad habits and come to a greater sense of self understanding. I would recommend Elena to anyone needing any kind of guidance."
"My therapy experience with Elena has been truly exceptional. I usually find it hard to share my personal issues but I had no problem with connecting with Elena. She is very empathic, non judgmental and makes you feel comfortable in being yourself. She pays great attention to detail and helps you understand your emotions and events in ways you haven't. Sadly I've had to stop my sessions due to personal circumstances but I truly would like to continue with Elena in the future. Thank you for your help Elena, I truly feel the growth and changes in me."
"The counselling sessions were very helpful and I gained a lot of knowledge about myself during this time. Since it was my first time in counselling, I didn't know what to expect and was very nervous to open up about a sensitive experience as it was something I had never done before but talking to someone who I had no prior relationship with made me feel at ease. Given the pandemic, it was not easy to completely open up due to being at home having virtual calls, however, Elena made me feel comfortable enough to express my feelings and explore them, finding ways to tackle my irrational thoughts. I am very thankful to have found a therapist that cares about her clients and the handouts and support provided in between the counselling sessions really helped me through the week and gave me additional guidance. Thank you!! :)"